Awareness In The Dark

I think of you still, with just enough sour to taste the sweet. In a solo adagio movement the memory of you is never complete. I scream your name in silence and hope you hear me. From these marshlands let it be. I remember you as perfect, perfect isn’t true. It would be if IContinue reading “Awareness In The Dark”

The Otherside

One day felt longer than a week. I now no longer hide. But what’s behind the waterfall I seek. Looking in from the otherside. Old and Young. I want the knowledge of the departed. With air still filtering in my lungs. When you’re alone pass by one time. Help make it mine. Lets collaberate, I’llContinue reading “The Otherside”

The Tree

So it begins and we start, though not one word to be uttered. Thoughts they pass by, leaving the heart fluttered. Soothing is the countryside, I’m locked on the tracer. A power to lift, the wee charm of nature. New beginnings blossom, daffodils soak up the sun. Her youth, her beauty, now a memory, ofContinue reading “The Tree”

April Sky

I gaze at the marble church as we pull into the hospital. Not one space in the car park to be found. 3,4 minutes now the numbness stood down as the irratation is wound. A moment away from jumping the walls of this rolling penitentiary, as Vinny darts into a gap on the grass verge,Continue reading “April Sky”

I Knew It To Be True

The wonderwall came crashing, as the snow slowly melted at the vicarage garden. An I knew it to be true! Before its darkside played its tune. Before even the earth, encounted its moon. Stones that failed to wake, lights flashed blue. Calls rang unheard, heard only was dead as the second wave of phonics matchedContinue reading “I Knew It To Be True”

These nights with you

I would cut down to hear your laugh just one more time, have not just fading memories drowning in this bottle of wine. I miss you more than i ever could’ve thought, I wish it didn’t ache and your life wasn’t cut so short. I reflect on us as children, in the past i loveContinue reading “These nights with you”