The suns light beams through the branches of the tree tunnel you entered. Like her, beautiful! Like your lies you invented. She smiled as the birds were singing. Fantasied, as in the distance the same church bells as today, ringing. Into her life you came. Feeding and living from her pain. Freedom, no longer waiting.Continue reading “Her”

Pretty as a Picture

We stared without words. I was lost in your eyes. A connection without words. Not fabricated with lies. The joy of heaven shone uncomplicated. Without need for St. Paul to convince me. Nor did I need the code of Da Vinci. Now one less tear in my heart. A rose petal taken the spot. HardContinue reading “Pretty as a Picture”


Screaming on the point of key change. Where laughter salutes tears. There, joy and sadness grapple. And you run towards, despite your fears. When pain kisses pleasure, the passion rejuvenates the truth. In the developing motifs of the fifth, the old man kisses his youth. In harmony with the sublime, we believe what we act.Continue reading “Screaming”

Last Verse

When my feelings from deep inside smashed out againts the atmosphere. I felt again, stirred up, electric. I danced there for the moment. It was like falling in love with a poet. Wild, but passion and love engulfed. In a manner that they’ve never seen before. Up in the mystic I see, I converse. TheyContinue reading “Last Verse”

Breaking And Entering

You’ve but to push your fist through mist and haze to penertrate the clouds. They are an easier mark for the dreamer, than aeroplanes. The man whos’s dead to dreaming lives within a cloud of his own making and so his chance of entering the stratosphere is scant. I close my eyes to dreaming, onlyContinue reading “Breaking And Entering”