Awareness In The Dark

I think of you still, with just enough sour
to taste the sweet.
In a solo adagio movement the memory of you
is never complete.

I scream your name in silence and hope you
hear me.
From these marshlands let it be.

I remember you as perfect, perfect isn't true.
It would be if I could hold you.

Even in my dreams I don't have you. But in them
I know you are.
You were a butterfly I was the tree, but then
you flew too far.

Your sins will find you out, I would sin to 
find you.
Then pray that it was true.

Suffering isn't just life, it's a holy grail quest.
I heard the whispers blowing in from the west.

I talk to you when it's quiet but peace here does 
not belong.
And the sunlight never last too long.

I'm always waiting for that spark.
Is it you inside? That awareness in the dark.


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