The Tree

So it begins and we start, though
not one word to be uttered.
Thoughts they pass by, leaving the
heart fluttered.

Soothing is the countryside, I'm
locked on the tracer.
A power to lift, the wee charm 
of nature.

New beginnings blossom, daffodils 
soak up the sun.

Her youth, her beauty, now a
memory, of many, and some.

All the emptiness of sorrow keeps
the pain at the boil.
Impossible to comprehend once a 
seed in the soil.

The leaf thicken, just round the 
next bend.

And there it be.

There did she.

An a tidal wave of emotions flow 
deep within me.

Fear, anger, confusion, and pain
goes the cycle through me
again an again.

Then I see, I see the love.

In colours, in flowers, in cards,
I see.

An it's a little less painful
when my eyes meet the tree.


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