a desert turn green

I saw a desert turn green. But no letters today, and the phone rang out. I picked up a pen so I didnt scream. I made it rhyme, so I wouldnt shout. I looked out the window in night, as she left me in a dream. I could see things clear from the moonlight IContinue reading “a desert turn green”

The Tree

So it begins and we start, though not one word to be uttered. Thoughts they pass by, leaving the heart fluttered. Soothing is the countryside, I’m locked on the tracer. A power to lift, the wee charm of nature. New beginnings blossom, daffodils soak up the sun. Her youth, her beauty, now a memory, ofContinue reading “The Tree”

My Condemnent

Echoes of disbelief, throbbing in the air. It’s not the loneliness that hurts but the fact that you don’t care. I thought it was indestructible the bond we once shared. For this feeling deep inside I’m still searching for the word. I speak my thoughts into the wind, there blows the truth. You an IContinue reading “My Condemnent”

April Sky

I gaze at the marble church as we pull into the hospital. Not one space in the car park to be found. 3,4 minutes now the numbness stood down as the irratation is wound. A moment away from jumping the walls of this rolling penitentiary, as Vinny darts into a gap on the grass verge,Continue reading “April Sky”