These Screams

Are these screams from inside my mind? Or out there? Is it the theif? The scent of ravaged swine in the air? It conflicts though my tongue remains straight. In this cursed world. The truth they hate. Their aim, the unblossomed an it’s dark. Sanity has boarded. I cannot watch it debark. The dark soulsContinue reading “These Screams”

The Introverted Man

He likes the lights low lit, his style low key His thinking is complicated, wise as the mystical oak tree. In the sounds of silence my stillness is bold He knows energy, see’s vibes I stare at my tea untill it turns cold. Should you ever outshine the master? Like the eagle from the mountainsContinue reading “The Introverted Man”

Night Sky

I stare at the night sky. Beyond the abyss. Patterns produce beats calling me into action. Shedding a light into my soul. Sparking the reaction. Good and evil crossing fine lines. I now graft like I’m dancing. Embrace responsibility like rhymes. There’s victory in a rock pile. Smash, smooth and stack them. Offer them andContinue reading “Night Sky”

I Have a Word

I imapct others, I have a word. I’m chaos and order. I’m everything I’ve seen and heard. I detest resentment weaved in lies. I search love, conceived in truth. With tears in both my eye’s. I believe in the individual and in their rebirth. I believe He created the heavens and the earth. I’m yours,Continue reading “I Have a Word”

Go Write It Out

Memory is a miracle an that we forget. I forgive, I forget. It’s the pleasure of the past that fuses the future. An I’ve wrote it out. We’ve been beaten but we stand. Deceit, It’s dangerous. Have it out now don’t bring down the world. Go write it out. Still I fight, my conscience clear.Continue reading “Go Write It Out”

The Fire

I have a peace now in my mind, though the fire still rages. A fire that burns his residue still. I’m commited to the aim, and the beast that rampages within. Life requires effort, let’s strive. I want what’s best for us. I’ve tasted the worst. The fire is ablaze, leaving nothing to the mercyContinue reading “The Fire”