The suns light beams through the branches of the tree tunnel you entered. Like her, beautiful! Like your lies you invented. She smiled as the birds were singing. Fantasied, as in the distance the same church bells as today, ringing. Into her life you came. Feeding and living from her pain. Freedom, no longer waiting.Continue reading “Her”

The Tree

So it begins and we start, though not one word to be uttered. Thoughts they pass by, leaving the heart fluttered. Soothing is the countryside, I’m locked on the tracer. A power to lift, the wee charm of nature. New beginnings blossom, daffodils soak up the sun. Her youth, her beauty, now a memory, ofContinue reading “The Tree”


Accept where he is taking you. Why kick againts the good? There need not be this flood. He did not come for peace on earth. You know who we are, you know what we deserve. He’s freed the anchor just pull it in. You’re compromised Stand and trust in him walk away, repent from thisContinue reading “compromised”

Prepare for war

No rage to destroy no pain on the heart to crush. Futile his skills with pen and brush. Does the spirit forsake? The comfort to hear, riches to see, still destitute he be. No tears, no laughs, no screams, no prayers, no energy in the trigger finger to let of the call flares, rain beatsContinue reading “Prepare for war”