The Otherside

One day felt longer than a week.

I now no longer hide. But what's behind
the waterfall I seek.

Looking in from the otherside. Old and Young.
I want the knowledge of the departed.
With air still filtering in my lungs.

When you're alone pass by one time.
Help make it mine.
Lets collaberate, I'll make it rhyme.

The feathers in the morning.
Those significant days, the fox's I see.
The eye in the cloud, the pistashio tree.

Your laugh blows like music with the wind.
How can I not follow?
In the quick glance of a sunset.
It's eleven years tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The Otherside

  1. You can’t bring back the times that passed. by. Who could not remember the good old days? Happy days are worth remembering to smile with, the bad ones are memories were lessons emanate from them. This is a great poem. Awesome as well !


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