The feast of St, George

Never to recant his faith in the Lord. Advanced, gifted with the sword. Soldier of the Christ. Fought courageously in belief. compelled evil to hell as angels roared in raw relief. Onwards to the realm. Converging from afar with Godly squall and brush of helm. Under his pennon they forge. Chanting ‘Jerusalem’ for the feastContinue reading “The feast of St, George”

I will cry

I will cry, until my tears overflow the rivers and become lost to the seas. I will cry, until the deserts thirst is quenched and raindrops drip life onto the barren. I will cry, until the angels pluck a melody onto my poetic chords and carry me home to rest. Alone, I cry and likeContinue reading “I will cry”

Flames of promises

She’s left much more behind than a single blonde hair on my pillow. Inspiration oozing, like rain overflowing the leaves of a willow. Feelings unchained as her absence is felt. Flames of promises ignited from a kiss. This night everything what’s known about her, I miss.

Red apple treat

Like the addict there’s a craving, appetite for the need. Fantasies thriving, irritation for greed. Summon a resistant, so stunning too weak. Redolence, sweet, oh to taste the red apple treat. Call on divinity, interrogate the same faith, inside demand, so unsafe. Whirlwinds, wisp a whisper, of a needing inducing sin, ferocious, the conflict within.