Two of a kind..

One kiss, two souls,
cut from the same cloth,
with those three words,
you made me whole. 
On the count of four,
our paths alined.
The world hates,
we're two of a kind.

4 thoughts on “Two of a kind..

  1. Thank you for reading.
    I’m glad i could remind you there are still beautiful things out there
    even in the current situation we are all in…
    Yes that’s fine for you to re-blog.
    i am new to blogging, so if you re-blog would there be a link back to my site?
    i’m following you,
    Thank you again for reading and taking time to share your nice thoughts.
    stay safe….


  2. I like this piece, a nice reminder of beautiful things during troubled times. I’d like to re-blog your poem for my weekly segment, Writer’s Lift Wednesday.


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