What the Hell?

A criminal in his cell. With a T.V and radio, what the hell? Three meals a day A library down the hall, A fully kitted gym Even football. Enough to keep him going untill his thoughts get too much, Can’t express his fellings Craves that human touch. He’s lost in his memories but forgets herContinue reading “What the Hell?”


Feels like I’ve been here so long, so I strain to think back to when things weren’t so wrong. But all I see is my hands cuffed in a sweatbox, so I strive even harder, trying to forget about locks. No! I’m in a cold court cell, and like a scared snail, I retreat aloneContinue reading “Remembering”

Keeping Faith

I am unsure why when I am alone in this cell, I start to dwell on heaven and hell. Much I have lost within these four walls, lost, gone. Insignificant to all. Wanting right now as my mind is dense, In this hole, this hole of belligerence. Salvation from above can it really rescue me,Continue reading “Keeping Faith”