Summers Last Dance

Raining leaves falling far from half bear trees rustling swirling with every well mannered breeze a brief introducing from a hungry squirrel playing conkers on the ground running quickly hiding from the trodden twig sound natures beauty still attractive smell of wood fire on cue withering though soulful lapping the last rays of the sunContinue reading “Summers Last Dance”

Eye in the cloud

She’s a blessing i’ve a gift the calling evades, to know is to love the eggs have been laid. Eye in the cloud must i be the ear, I strain to listen I try to write clear. The eye in the cloud produces words from this pen my brain it sings it does dance, atContinue reading “Eye in the cloud”

Together we don’t care

She danced as if she was trying to save her soul. The music infused her body, possessed by rhythm. Dance floor filled, I’m transfixed on her. Men tried to advance she was dancing free. Like an enchanter from the other world created the choreography. Her moves shielded much, I found the pain attractive. A profoundContinue reading “Together we don’t care”