Summers Last Dance

Raining leaves falling far from half bear trees
rustling swirling with every well mannered breeze
a brief introducing from a hungry squirrel
 playing conkers on the ground
running quickly hiding from the trodden twig sound
natures beauty still attractive
smell of wood fire on cue
withering though soulful
lapping the last rays of the sun
as the lady birds lazily do
swings push happiness children laughing
in their fun
dogs greeting with nose to bum
I think of the talks, walks, love and romance
In this scene of Gods peace I realise already we've
had summers last dance.

20 thoughts on “Summers Last Dance

  1. You have captured how it feels to say good bye to summer. This poem has a solemn note to it as though we can feel the season leave. You have a way of writing. God Bless You.


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