Together we don’t care

She danced as if she was trying to save her soul. The music infused her body, possessed by rhythm. Dance floor filled, I’m transfixed on her. Men tried to advance she was dancing free. Like an enchanter from the other world created the choreography. Her moves shielded much, I found the pain attractive. A profoundContinue reading “Together we don’t care”

Let thee rhyme (through ADHD)

Indulge in the mystery grasp the suspense, set sail in the search hail the pretense. Jump hop and spring, like a harmonic choir let thee sing. Where is the time that waits for no one, lying quiescent, if so, what from? PliĆ©, twist and dance, like a tunnel of love let thee romance. We willContinue reading “Let thee rhyme (through ADHD)”