Last Verse

When my feelings from deep inside smashed out againts the atmosphere. I felt again, stirred up, electric. I danced there for the moment. It was like falling in love with a poet. Wild, but passion and love engulfed. In a manner that they’ve never seen before. Up in the mystic I see, I converse. TheyContinue reading “Last Verse”

Sebastian and George

Nothing from the Swedes today. Is time for us running away? fuck new labour and the tory, Hard to love when there’s no glory. Face as fair as Our Lady. Not feeling what I’m supposse to, maybe. Hate coming from the mouth it was not kind, not from the heart but my dark mind. WithContinue reading “Sebastian and George”

The Harbour

They decide to take one last walk around the harbour. Many thoughts clogging both their minds keeping them silent to each other. Their hands tightly graspsed so tightly, the diamond ring that he bought her begins to pierce his finger, he dare not loosen his grip, he never wants to let her go. They lookContinue reading “The Harbour”