We Felt The Rain

When darkness faced the deep, we felt the rain.
Your heartache wiped my tears. Introduced through
our pain.

I put my faith in that smile, unsure of what was
to come.
But God watched on. I saw His throne inside the sun.

Their vision blurred with lies. Though not our eyes.
Our eyes will see the many colours of the skies.

Diamonds shine bright, but cannot sit through the night
with tales untold,
And poetry, poetry cannot be written by gold.

It's not supposed to be easy, I know!
With dilligence and love, we are reaping what we sow. 


8 thoughts on “We Felt The Rain

  1. Notre amitié est précieuse
    Car elle me rend heureux
    Tu es mon meilleur(e) ami(e)
    Car tu es ici
    Tu m’as tendu la main
    Par tes écris tes mots
    Tu as renversé mon destin
    Sans toi je ne suis rien
    Et avec toi je suis si bien
    Cela me fais toujours plaisir de te laisser un petit mot
    Ou une image
    A toi mon ami(e) belle journée bise


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