A Daddy’s daughter

A God made love. I remember the day vividly, when she asked me to remove the stabilisers from her pretty pink bicycle, with wick basket and handle bar tassels to match. “I’m too big for these now.” She said very certainly. So self critical and upset each time she fell crying what a silly littleContinue reading “A Daddy’s daughter”

Summers Last Dance

Raining leaves falling far from half bear trees rustling swirling with every well mannered breeze a brief introducing from a hungry squirrel playing conkers on the ground running quickly hiding from the trodden twig sound natures beauty still attractive smell of wood fire on cue withering though soulful lapping the last rays of the sunContinue reading “Summers Last Dance”

I hope now someone loves you

You once asked if I loved you my short answer was no. The truth my feelings I could not let go. I was dancing in the pink hue of the atmosphere, escaping the dragons fiery breath I could not see, I was deaf. There has been now many moons many of them blue, I hopeContinue reading “I hope now someone loves you”