Eye in the cloud

She’s a blessing i’ve a gift the calling evades, to know is to love the eggs have been laid. Eye in the cloud must i be the ear, I strain to listen I try to write clear. The eye in the cloud produces words from this pen my brain it sings it does dance, atContinue reading “Eye in the cloud”

Social distance

I sit back and laze peacefully listening to Dylan, swiverling on my comfy chair. I close my eyes and life is fair. I open to a gap in the blinds sun beaming through, I see dust floating, delicate like you. I care not for anything, a break in the music and the mood takes aContinue reading “Social distance”

Ill fated energy

In the aroma of a lilac scented garden a manic majestic wonder explodes. In the choirs chorus I leap over sanities threshold. Dancing with spirits, they permit to this safety of euphoria. Though an ill fated energy conflicted in dysphoria. Toxic venom of pain, coursing to the brain. The demon’s curse glossed over by anContinue reading “Ill fated energy”

Prepare for war

No rage to destroy no pain on the heart to crush. Futile his skills with pen and brush. Does the spirit forsake? The comfort to hear, riches to see, still destitute he be. No tears, no laughs, no screams, no prayers, no energy in the trigger finger to let of the call flares, rain beatsContinue reading “Prepare for war”