Replenished by Inspiration

My failures have taught me lesson after fuckin lesson.
Also to enjoy success. I've heard there is no error
without effort. So I must have tried. To myself I longer lie.

Everyday seems a battle latley. I welcome a battle but this 
one is getting close. Wailing in the darkness.
And I find this poetical. Why?

The thought of negleting lingers around my mind. Beneath the 
confusion I hear the harp playing those sweet soft notes. Heard
once before in hypomania. How so in this cave of hopelessness
I'm whiped with creativity and rhyme?

I'm reminded of back then when I fell hard in a deep pit of pain.
I conversed with the lost souls of once demonic forces. With now  
not even evil on side. I was fading into that darkness of the lost.

At my limit, the point of no return I was replenished by inspiration.
And the ink slowly rolled from my eyes.

Why such rawness to turn me on. To feel the wind of hope guid me to
this quill.

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