I Have a Word

I imapct others, I have a word.
I'm chaos and order.
I'm everything I've seen and heard.

I detest resentment weaved in lies.
I search love, conceived in truth.
With tears in both my eye's.

I believe in the individual and in 
their rebirth.
I believe He created the heavens and
the earth.

I'm yours, theirs, and once again mine.
I'm in awe of beauty.
A sunlit portal to the divine.


11 thoughts on “I Have a Word

  1. πŸ’œ YOU!!! Left Out HER!!! Shame on YOU!!! but YOU!!! ARE Forgiven; because SHE!!! Doesn’t Hold Grudges like “He” Does, SHE!!! Just NEVER FORGETS!!! like an Elephant 🐘 Matriach that Kicks The Boys Out when They ARE TeenAgers something Humans could LEARN!!! from



    1. The only time I say ‘He’ in this poem was referring to God the Father (creating the heavens and the earth) who I believe to be male as the father is male. And in Jesus, God the son, male. I’m not ashamed at all in believing this.

      I hope that clarifies things. God bless you .

      Thanks, Karl Lee Smith

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      1. πŸ’œ An Opinion is an Opinion and YOU!!! ARE Welcome to YOUR!!! Opinion “Karl Lee Smith” as is EveryOne Else; in My Opinion Goddess, Mother πŸ‘© Nature, is Much More Powerful than “‘He'” “God” who simply Plants πŸͺ΄ a Seed then SHE!!! Carries for Nine Months and, in These Sad, Godless Days Created by “Males” mean many LadiesπŸ‘© Raise Children as Single Mothers πŸ‘© EveryBody; while in The Absence of a Caring “God” The “Male” Fraud…in Summary YOU!!! Have Clarified that “God” “‘He'” is a Selfish Mad “Male” who Knows NO!!! Better than ‘His’ “Father” so Shame On YOU!!! Fortunately My Dad is Deceased; so I AM NOW!!! Totally FREE!!! to Be FOCUSSING!!! πŸ’― on Deprogramming MySelf and 🎢 My Mad, Marvellous Mom πŸ‘© I Wish YOU!!! Well with YOUR!!! Religion that has Led YOU!!! to Many WARS !!! particularly in LOVE!!!



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