Keeping Faith

I am unsure why when 
I am alone in this cell,
I start to dwell on 
heaven and hell.

Much I have lost within 
these four walls,
lost, gone. 
Insignificant to all.

Wanting right now as 
my mind is dense,
In this hole, 
this hole of belligerence. 

Salvation from above 
can it really rescue me,
before my soul drowns
 in this adversity. 

The ringing of despair 
cannons of every wall,
with night after night 
of solitude
I get so dazed 
and confused with it all.

However my heart
knows there is more,
So I turn to the cross, 
and the mercy of God 
I do pray for.

So on this perilous path 
however unsafe,
I will drip away this stone 
I will always keep faith. 

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