Angels Of Mercy (NHS)

The enemy came raging, 
waging war on us all.
with no defence, 
for us they did not stall. 

Destroying from inside, 
our cells as it's host,
in their bravery 
we heard no boast. 

Angels of mercy 
we are grateful for your grit,
the nations indebted, 
you make each proud to be a Brit. 

In this conflict 
you are our frontline,
the countries very best 
at this critical time. 

We were hit with force ,
 so stay in,
 so they can stay on course. 

Do your bit 
whilst they go the extra yard,
they will soon be doted 
but for now they strike hard.

Please equip them properly 
with every piece, 
so they can smash us to victory 
like Stokes is at the crease.  


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