Thoughts in my old mans truck

We lent my old mans truck filled that monster up, 
and headed southwest across the border.
In wellington wet walks your face shone a smile. 
With red wine and firelight
I know a part of heaven my eyes have seen.
Raindrops on the ifor ping, in Swallow falls 
I am aware love is strong.
I am here whether right or wrong. 
In a poem, in a kiss,
right now there isn't anything I miss.
I could hold you here forever
but for now that will do. 
Best thing about me here is you.

These falls constrain our memories of Lapa 
and the way their ancient falls 
sparkled from your eyes.
We were lost in those mountains 
but we found ourselves dancing
in the garden of angels
with just grape vine for shelter. 
I whispered a prayer into the warm night air, 
you laughed, I dropped to my knees 
I smiled at how beautiful you looked 
in the candle light.
I will sleep peacefully with these thoughts 
in my old mans truck. 


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