The Blade

I guess I was just kid back then. But I now know why you hated me so much. 'My weak mind.' It coudn't have made sense to a man like you.
It's hard still now to say aloud, that you once made me cry. I didn't realise what you were doing. Maybe I still don't. 

By the way I hated you too. But I look back with respect.

The last or maybe the only real piece of advice you gave me, only means something to me now.
I was stood to attention and you looked at me with those stone cold eyes and said...

                "Before that blade touches your face each morning,
                 be able to look the man in the eye who's staring
                 back at you."

It's now many years later and with the responsibilities I've chosen to burden I can tolerate him, infact I'm proud of him. And still so much more to come.

Thank You, you cunt.

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