Seeing Death

Last one goes in, goes down
crippled, keeled, floor pressing hard
against my double crown.
Dizzy, dazed feeling out for the door
struggling, curled out on the floor.
Sweat, tears, body's being bled,
gagging, chocking only bloods being shed.
I shut my stinging eyes to deaths smile,
it's attacking from inside agony it's vile.
Needing God's force to fight,
evils pondering like a moth to a light. 
They're laughing as I cry, 
there's no one to hold me and kiss me goodbye.
Familiar voices in my head, 
somehow different instead.
Is it him? The one who satisfies in my sin.
Eyes lost in my cry, all alone i'm going to die.
The blood runs from my wrists to my palms,
then catching my eye the new testament and psalms.  

12 thoughts on “Seeing Death

  1. This poem takes one to the deepest darkness of the soul,yet in the end there is the light of scripture that is the hope of every life!!!! God Bless and keep you always.


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