The Tree

So it begins and we start, though not one word to be uttered. Thoughts they pass by, leaving the heart fluttered. Soothing is the countryside, I’m locked on the tracer. A power to lift, the wee charm of nature. New beginnings blossom, daffodils soak up the sun. Her youth, her beauty, now a memory, ofContinue reading “The Tree”

Last Verse

When my feelings from deep inside smashed out againts the atmosphere. I felt again, stirred up, electric. I danced there for the moment. It was like falling in love with a poet. Wild, but passion and love engulfed. In a manner that they’ve never seen before. Up in the mystic I see, I converse. TheyContinue reading “Last Verse”

The Graveyard

With the sound of a penny dropping I was hit by surprise. When I realised just why I love cemeteries so much, in particular a church with a graveyard on it’s grounds. I was listening to Jordan Peterson talk about the works of the psychologist Carl Jung, when it did strike. As a young boyContinue reading “The Graveyard”


O’ how things change. people too. love fades from the heart. what can one do? admiration to shame. a rugged tall mountain, crumbles to boulders. now who’s to blame? A caged bird spreads it’s wings and flys. has no choice but kiss the skies. rain becomes heavy on the wings heads for cover learns toContinue reading “Sing”

Sebastian and George

Nothing from the Swedes today. Is time for us running away? fuck new labour and the tory, Hard to love when there’s no glory. Face as fair as Our Lady. Not feeling what I’m supposse to, maybe. Hate coming from the mouth it was not kind, not from the heart but my dark mind. WithContinue reading “Sebastian and George”


Accept where he is taking you. Why kick againts the good? There need not be this flood. He did not come for peace on earth. You know who we are, you know what we deserve. He’s freed the anchor just pull it in. You’re compromised Stand and trust in him walk away, repent from thisContinue reading “compromised”

He is love

Suffered in His love for our sin, overwhelmed in my acknowledgement, I embrace my gift and win. A relationship for offer, personal and true. Re-established by the spirit when inside He flew. Son of man at the core anoint in the rainfall of life a sacrifice so pure, Grace so kind. love, heart, soul, andContinue reading “He is love”