I Wonder

There's a light in your eyes. Your soul, 
in this life has not yet died.
Though how many times, have you pondered it,
and cried?

We are fallen fruit of the same tree.
I hope God forgives as He looks down tonight,
on you and me.

Life it has its battles, this is your war.
I wonder how many, have been here before.
Your lips they did there job as your dark 
skin glistened.
We spoke and we listened.

I smelt your perfume on me, but your kiss I 
did not taste.
Did you find your hide-a-way? your words
you did not waste.
Them and you, I did not forget.
Them and you, I'm glad were met.

Nothing beats reality, I'm now where 
the steal is cold.
Where my soul is ancient, and my thoughts
grow old.


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