Kiss Me

From the first I knew I'd kiss you
a peck to neck, my car my bed
your cherry blossoms engulf chemicals 
racing straight to my head
so kiss me like nothing matters
restore a heart in shatters,
my heart bleeds a trial of poetry
streaming out like wine,
which I'm sure will only stop
when your sweet lips meet mine.
In your memory I delight
as I write poetry tonight.
so kiss me as you do 
like in the world theres only me and you
kiss me, replenish me like water
kiss me, put an end to this slaughter.

18 thoughts on “Kiss Me

  1. Wonderful poem that I just found right now, makes you get the feeling of love the person you hold on to so deeply because you might never see them again. I also write poetry myself if you’re interested in checking it out but nonetheless, can’t wait to check out more of your work.

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  2. Outstanding poetry my friend. A poem for you.
    “The whiskey is tasting bitter, the nights are becoming endless. I called my old love and I told her. I miss your voice, I miss your kisses. Can I come home to you. The old soldier had learn. Pretty gal and sweet kisses. He misses and need. if you have not forgotten me. Just whisper. Please come home to me.”

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