Iron Sharpens Iron

I prayed in my perplexity. There stood a woman, blessed with beauty a slave to her integrity. My complexity shook her for a moment. I watched a tear roll down her cheek. We spoke of why I act. Now it’s my thoughts I speak. Iron sharpens iron. Now for them I can stand strong. TheContinue reading “Iron Sharpens Iron”

West winds

West winds blow hope throughout the west lands of freedom. In escaping the devils neck crank. Am I now the batman and not the joker? In a soprano high notes battle, she touched me with divinity at the foot of mount Zion, that I am now brave enough to climb. As a child of theContinue reading “West winds”

Feather of Paradise

Through the window and next to me graciously landing a flawless white feather. Like on the morning of her funeral with the same strength forcing me to pause, calmly, needing no applause. Reassurance those armies he built are falling. Pirouettes in the breeze there all along even when I was crawling. Alas a resistance ofContinue reading “Feather of Paradise”