Shadow Me

Shadow me please, my almighty Lord. Let me walk protected, like forever by my side a sword. No more watching over my shoulder. The Mother! I will behold her. Have only peaceful dreams in my sleep. Give up the hate, your love to keep.

The Graveyard

With the sound of a penny dropping I was hit by surprise. When I realised just why I love cemeteries so much, in particular a church with a graveyard on it’s grounds. I was listening to Jordan Peterson talk about the works of the psychologist Carl Jung, when it did strike. As a young boyContinue reading “The Graveyard”

Seeking Fortune

Seeking fortune not a friend shooting and theiving vow I’ll search untill the end. Do I beleive truly in the saviour when running in such way even with my mouth I profess each day. Street poets have no dreams to tell drown their soul with whisky then write of hell. Well they not know ofContinue reading “Seeking Fortune”


Accept where he is taking you. Why kick againts the good? There need not be this flood. He did not come for peace on earth. You know who we are, you know what we deserve. He’s freed the anchor just pull it in. You’re compromised Stand and trust in him walk away, repent from thisContinue reading “compromised”

He is love

Suffered in His love for our sin, overwhelmed in my acknowledgement, I embrace my gift and win. A relationship for offer, personal and true. Re-established by the spirit when inside He flew. Son of man at the core anoint in the rainfall of life a sacrifice so pure, Grace so kind. love, heart, soul, andContinue reading “He is love”

The Harbour

They decide to take one last walk around the harbour. Many thoughts clogging both their minds keeping them silent to each other. Their hands tightly graspsed so tightly, the diamond ring that he bought her begins to pierce his finger, he dare not loosen his grip, he never wants to let her go. They lookContinue reading “The Harbour”

I Knew It To Be True

The wonderwall came crashing, as the snow slowly melted at the vicarage garden. An I knew it to be true! Before its darkside played its tune. Before even the earth, encounted its moon. Stones that failed to wake, lights flashed blue. Calls rang unheard, heard only was dead as the second wave of phonics matchedContinue reading “I Knew It To Be True”

A Daddy’s daughter

A God made love. I remember the day vividly, when she asked me to remove the stabilisers from her pretty pink bicycle, with wick basket and handle bar tassels to match. “I’m too big for these now.” She said very certainly. So self critical and upset each time she fell crying what a silly littleContinue reading “A Daddy’s daughter”

By His wounds

Palm leaves reach out in worship for they knew, just who He was. He flipped tables in the den of thief’s. He showed his way the truth. Broke bread and explained of a no greater love then betrayed with a kiss. Snatched in the dark, a snatch in secret. Found guilty of His innocence, deniedContinue reading “By His wounds”