In Christ I Stand

Again I start the ascent of repentance'
steep climb.
Orienting towards what is mine.

I contemplate and lay all at the altar.
I have no offerings to burn, all I have to
offer is my heart.
For your supreme honour I present this in
my words, my art.

I look towrads the pitty, following the cross
which has served.
My garden is now in bloom.
Though I'm aware it's undeserved.

As kings fall, in Christ I stand.
My light and strength as I walk this land.

6 thoughts on “In Christ I Stand

  1. What a beautifully honest poem. All HE wants is our heart–He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, just to abide in Him. How good and loving He is to us each moment of every day. May the Lord bless you so Abundantly today and always.

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