12 thoughts on “Heads up

  1. 💜 OK!!! Personally for Me; it’s an Hawaiian with Pepperoni and Veggie Stuff like Spinach (Popeye) Rocket and Mushrooms


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      1. 💜 That’s why YOU!!! Olive, Swee’Pea and Wimpy have “Skinny” Biceps; the “crispy” I Decline to comment on as this is Clearly PG…but I WILL!!! admit a “thin and crispy pepperoni” is a Great Base to Build On EveryOne; so, ENJOY YOUR!!! “PIZZA!!!” and, Tip EveryOne, if YOU!!! ARE Experiencing Heart Burn after “Pizza” ask YOUR!!! “Pizza” Joint to Reduce The Amount of Oil used…or Change The Oil, maybe Pure EVO (Extra Virgin Olive) more Expensive but Worth It; as a Small Hike in Prices can ALWAYS!!! Be a Bit or a Lot in Favour of Keeping Customers Happy and Loyal


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