Flames of promises

She’s left much more behind than a single blonde hair on my pillow. Inspiration oozing, like rain overflowing the leaves of a willow. Feelings unchained as her absence is felt. Flames of promises ignited from a kiss. This night everything what’s known about her, I miss.

Red apple treat (temptation)

Like the addict there’s a craving, appetite for the need. Fantasies thriving, irritation for greed. Summon a resistant, so stunning too weak. Redolence, sweet, oh to taste the red apple treat. Call on divinity, interrogate the same faith, inside demand, so unsafe. Whirlwinds, wisp a whisper, of a needing inducing sin, ferocious, the conflict within.


Feels like I’ve been here so long, so I strain to think back to when things weren’t so wrong. But all I see is my hands cuffed in a sweatbox, so I strive even harder, trying to forget about locks. No! I’m in a cold court cell, and like a scared snail, I retreat aloneContinue reading “Remembering”


A deep herd of uncontrollable wild, galloping white-maned monsters. Stampeding ruthlessly through smashing, damaging and consuming structures of man. Ragefully and merclesley crashing with great might. Frizzling paled threight boulders not slowing but speeding installing fear, into the heart of mankind. Powerful pearly mountain waves gracefully destroying. Destroying the illusion we are greater than Him?

like a gorilla in the zoo

There used to be this gorilla, in Southport zoo! And what a grumpy gorilla, he was too. Sit all day behind that dirty rotten screen. All the kids would bang, pull faces, quite frankly, be mean. How I used to wind that poor gorilla up, eating, sleeping, shitting in that hut. It was 1991 orContinue reading “like a gorilla in the zoo”

Angels Of Mercy (NHS)

The enemy came raging, waging war on us all. with no defence, for us they did not stall. Destroying from inside, our cells as it’s host, in their bravery we heard no boast. Angels of mercy we are grateful for your grit, the nations indebted, you make each proud to be a Brit. In thisContinue reading “Angels Of Mercy (NHS)”