By His wounds

Palm leaves reach out in worship for they knew, just who He was. He flipped tables in the den of thief’s. He showed his way the truth. Broke bread and explained of a no greater love then betrayed with a kiss. Snatched in the dark, a snatch in secret. Found guilty of His innocence, deniedContinue reading “By His wounds”

Like an angel

Like an angel, I need you today to roll this stone away. My heart pumps love like its fair whilst my head doesn’t seem to care. Christopher said ‘our view of this world is like a mirror reflecting one’s soul’. Well, in a deep wishing well. I’m the poem and the pen, to feel moreContinue reading “Like an angel”

He is love

Suffered in His love for our sin. Overwhelmed in my acknowledgement, I embrace my gift and win. A relationship for offer, personal and true. Re-established by the spirit, when inside He flew. Son of man at the core. Anoint in the rainfall of life. A sacrifice so pure. Grace so kind. love. Heart soul andContinue reading “He is love”

Eye in the cloud

She’s a blessing i’ve a gift the calling evades, to know is to love the eggs have been laid. Eye in the cloud must i be the ear, I strain to listen I try to write clear. The eye in the cloud produces words from this pen my brain it sings it does dance, atContinue reading “Eye in the cloud”

I’m Free

My reality, I submit onto the spirit as feelings form into tears with each tear I taste I realize again faith is sufficient. It’s difficult to accept matters of this world flesh will more than condemn hope slides seeming all to to be lost. His blood again has cleansed me spirit lead me where IContinue reading “I’m Free”

The feast of St, George

Never to recant his faith in the Lord. Advanced, gifted with the sword. Soldier of the Christ. Fought courageously in belief. compelled evil to hell as angels roared in raw relief. Onwards to the realm. Converging from afar with Godly squall and brush of helm. Under his pennon they forge. Chanting ‘Jerusalem’ for the feastContinue reading “The feast of St, George”


A deep herd of uncontrollable wild, galloping white-maned monsters. Stampeding ruthlessly through smashing, damaging and consuming structures of man. Ragefully and merclesley crashing with great might. Frizzling paled threight boulders not slowing but speeding installing fear, into the heart of mankind. Powerful pearly mountain waves gracefully destroying. Destroying the illusion we are greater than Him?