War In Europe

The Bear invades. Too much has he ate? Addressed them so harrowing, times of Catherine the Great. Our enemies emboldened, troops out of the Ghan. The dragon flys with the double-headed eagle, next Tawain? Appeasments since. Does the west miss Agent Orange? Did Sleepy have an idea? No atlantic treaty not enough the Crimea. It’sContinue reading “War In Europe”

Viking Tranmere

In a long boat down the Mersey with his hand on his sword. Ingimund saw crane birds on the sandbanks. He’s blessed by the Lord. On this holy peninsula where faith breeds light and strength, We’ve a Viking spirit we keep the rest at arms length. With sword, axe, and spear Wirral Norsemen, will assembleContinue reading “Viking Tranmere”

Breaking And Entering

You’ve but to push your fist through mist and haze to penertrate the clouds. They are an easier mark for the dreamer, than aeroplanes. The man whos’s dead to dreaming lives within a cloud of his own making and so his chance of entering the stratosphere is scant. I close my eyes to dreaming, onlyContinue reading “Breaking And Entering”

The Witches Of Pendle

In what they say was a dark corner of the land in an age of conversion, three men die. Was the cause really witchcraft? ‘Yes’ says the Justice of Peace, Mr. Roger Nowell a non-conformist. Seeking justice, seeking favour from the King? King James I, author of ‘demonology’ of sorcery and magic how to exposeContinue reading “The Witches Of Pendle”